About Bright Institute

Bright Institute offers diverse professional and career training programs in Information Technology, Health and Fitness, Business, Arts and Design, Computer Applications, Computer Science, Construction and Trades, Hospitality, Language, Legal, Teacher Professional Development, Writing and other areas. Whether you want to acquire new skills or advance your professional careers, our career-oriented programs will meet your need.

1 We offer hundreds of professional development and certificate programs in high demand by various industries and professional organizations.

2 Our programs prepare you for different entry-level, management, and leadership positions. No matter your educational level or career aspirations, you will find the program that aligns with your career goal.

3 Our asynchronous learning environment allows you to move through a course at your own pace without tying you with your classmates. 

4 You can enroll in courses any time and start the class immediately.

5 Our class sizes are small, which gives you the opportunity for one-on-one interactions with your instructors.

6 Our courses are taught and supported by experienced faculty and professionals who possess the required academic qualifications and maintain relevant professional experience in the areas they teach.

7 Our instructional approach enables you to balance work, social activities, and personal commitments with education without trading-off one for another.

8 You will have the opportunity to broaden your perspectives and worldviews in the classroom by networking and learning with students and professionals from different organizations and backgrounds.

9 Our training programs allow you to gain competency in a specific learning area you can immediately apply to a current job or future job assignments.

10 We enrich your learning experience in the classroom by incorporating different educational pedagogies and using various learning resources such as textual, audio, video, games, simulations, and animations to make learning exciting and engaging.

11 We provide 24/7 technical support and offer a wide range of academic services to help you achieve your educational goal.

12 Our professional development and continuing education programs enable you to earn professional development units (PDUs) or continuing education units (CEUs) that you can apply to maintain your professional licenses or professional certifications.


Our mission is to provide quality and affordable education for students’ intellectual, social, and entrepreneurial development and help individuals develop the competency they need to achieve higher performance. 

To accomplish our mission, we will engage in educational activities and offers programs consistent with our values to produce students and develop individuals who will contribute to societal development.


Bright Institute will be a leader in quality and affordable education accessible to students and professionals anywhere in the world.

Value Statement

The following core values will guide our operations and interactions with our communities and the public.

Service: Offers quality educational programs and provides services that promote the students’ wellness and society’s development.

Excellence: Designs and implements educational programs that meet students’ needs and improve organizational performance.

Relationship: Cultivates an academic environment where the stakeholders will care for each other and promote each other’s well-being.

Authenticity: Inspires confidence in our programs and operations by establishing and exhibiting high ethical behaviors in every part of our Institution.

Effectiveness: Leverages human and material resources to create an agile educational environment that benefits the students and the public.

Educational Goals and Objectives

1 Provides quality education that integrates theories with applications for the intellectual development of students and professionals.

2 Offers educational programs that identify today’s problems and generate ideas to solving them.

3 Promotes academic excellence through scholarly research, training, and life-long learning and applies acquired knowledge to formulate policies that positively change society.

4 Develops critical thinking, analytical, communication, and technological skills in solving complex social and organizational problems.

5 Understands the role of ethics in decision-making and implications for creating a better society.

6 Cultivates a multi-cultural and diverse learning environment where students will be exposed to various cultures and learn from each other.

7 Offers career-focused programs that support working adults’ efforts to advance in their professional careers and provide them with the opportunity to transition to a new profession.